Create a Website With Free Or Paid Hosting For Beginners

Creating a web site is surprisingly difficult as you can imagine, now there are various places available which you can use to build a website that can compete with other professional web sites. If we go back ten years ago, many people focused on raising more capital just to build a pretty good website from various sides, ranging from appearance, features and of course quality content.

There are currently a lot of places you can build a website for free and only requires a few easy steps to be able to use this service and the most commonly used from the past until now is Blogger and for those of you who want it even easier you can use Wix . Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites by drag-and-dropping.

However, for those of you who have the capital to build professional websites can also choose hosting recommendations The best place to store your website database that you have created, some of which are:
Of the several web hosting services, you can choose according to the needs for your website, for further information you can check directly on the website pages they provide, there you can find various information about the features and hosting services they provide.

To make it easier to understand, I will make details of your needs to create a free and paid website.

Creating a free Website requires:

Requires Gmail to join and be logged into Blogger
Using Blogger as a free website publisher service that uses the blogspot sub domain
Select the Templates (Thema) to display your website, free to download
Create content according to your purpose of creating a website

These four things can make your website ready for use without the slightest cost. However if you have the money you can buy domain or a template that suits your needs.

Creating a Website requires you:

Requires web hosting as a place to store your website data.
Purchase domain to provide access to your website
Purchase a template or script for a local website
Create content according to site needs.

So making a good website learn how to build a website more deeply before you start building a website from scratch, I hope this article can provide a brief overview of creating a free and paid website.

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