Virtual Youtuber Collections Wallpaper 4K With Batch File

Hello everyone this time i'm wants to share Virtual Youtuber Collections Wallpaper 4K Wallpaper, in this edition there is a selection of original wallpapers from various FanArt that make various types of Chara models of their own creations and some have also been added modifications from the original design, Well with a few changes adapted to the size of the mobile and desktop, so for you no longer need to set the size, just download the size you want.

Virtual YouTuber is a YouTuber represented by digital avatars generated by computer graphics. Virtual YouTubers are 2D or 3D fictional characters that run YouTube channels. Most virtual YouTuber characters seem cute / funny / anime.

This virtual YouTuber uses computer-generated imaging technology that is able to produce 3D and 2D characters to be as if alive and able to interact like facial expressions, expressions and others.

Because it is not possible for this virtual character to have its own soul or emotions, this virtual character is like a puppet / puppet and there are people who control this virtual character from behind. The person controlling this virtual character uses a motion catcher to record every movement and facial expression which is then applied to the virtual character model.

Because of its enormous popularity, companies and organizations have used virtual YouTuber as an advertising and marketing method for a product or service.

As a consideration for those of you who want to download, I'm giving some examples of wallpaper files that are in the file.

In the Try This Virtual Youtuber Collections Wallpaper 4K Wallpaper package there are 20 different images available in HD quality and almost all the pictures are compressed (smaller) but the quality remains the same as the original. For those of you who want to use the image above for editing purposes, there is no need to specify the source of the image.

Virtual Youtuber Collections Wallpaper 4K .Rar
Ian M File Size 50 MB
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Okay, that's all, the next batch will upload again later.