Azur Lane Wallpaper 4K Ultra HD With Pack ( Part 1 )

Hello Bujank, this time Aing wants to share Azur Lane Wallpaper Full HD (Part 1), in this edition there is a wide selection of original wallpapers from various FanArt that make various types of Chara models of their own creations and some have also added modifications to the original design. Changes in image resolution to the size of mobile and desktop, so you don't need to adjust the size anymore, just download the size you want.

As a consideration for those of you who want to download, here are some examples of wallpaper files in the file.

In the Azur Lane Wallpaper Full HD package (Part 1), there are 25 different images with HD quality and some of the images are compressed (smaller) but the quality remains the same as the original. For those of you who want to use the image above for editing purposes, you don't need to include an image source.

Azur Lane Part 1 .Rar
Ian M File Size 118 MB
To reduce the jumps of singles, therefore Aing uses a timer so he doesn't drop on the website.

Okay, that's all, then the next batch will be uploaded again.